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My Guarantee

I deeply believe in the methods and tactics that I provide in my books and trainings. It made me personally very successful over the years as well as countless other Reps.  If you do not find the information useful and you are unable to put it into practice immediately and do not drive success, I am more than happy to refund your money.

Sales Guide for Sales Reps
Sales Guide for Sales Reps

Sales Guide for Sales Reps


Best Sales Rep Guide

Written by a Sales Rep for Sales Rep. This guide is purely tactical information that you as a sales rep can implement into your selling behavior immediately to drive near term impact to your quota and achievements.

No sales theory, no complicated sales process or sales methodology, no fluff.

The Guide contains:

  • Training Content 
  • Sales Agendas For Each Stage of Sales process
  • Scripts (Pitches, Meeting Opening, 60 Sec Elevator Pitch, Meeting Closing)
  • Business Case Templates
  • Email FollowUp Templates
  • Forecast Calculator
  • and much much more!

  1. Identifying the type of sale process to apply to the customer
  2. Anatomy of a deal or Sales Process (how do deals actually get done and what meetings do I need to have?)
  3. Anatomy of a meeting (what are the elements of a successful meeting)
  4. Meeting agendas for each stage of the Sale Process
  5. Words to eliminate from your vocabulary
  6. Scripts for each element of a meeting at each stage of the Sales Process
  7. Email templates
  8. Snippet templates
  9. Business Case templates (Deck and One-Pager)
  10. Meeting preparation Checklist
  11. How to structure your day to batch work and not work so many hours
  12. Tips for starting a new job and learning a product demo
  13. How to work with internal support staff like sales engineers, legal counsel, executive help, etc.
  14. What activities you can do while you are waiting for your agreement to be signed to keep the momentum
  15. How to forecast for your manager


    I believe in these tactics and approach and it has been highly successful for myself and others.  If you do not like it or do not find it helpful I would be happy to give you your money back. 


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