Sales Development Playbook in a Box
Sales Development Playbook in a Box

Sales Development Playbook in a Box


Sales Development Playbook in a Box includes everything you need to set up your sales development department and meetings, opportunities and revenue quickly. We know as a Sales Leader or Entrepreneur you are spread thin.  Get a massive head start by developing your sales development culture around a proven strategy and program.

The program includes  sales development rep training and onboarding content, account and contact targeting data strategies as well as important competitive differentiator exercises to ensure your business is set up for success.

Note:  There will be areas of the content you will need to customize for your business and products.  This will be clearly called out in the instructions. 

  • Guide to Account Targeting and Ideal Custom Profile Targeting
  • Lead Prioritization strategy
  • Messaging and Cadence Strategy
  • CRM setup and structure recommendations
  • Sales Prospecting Tool setup recommendations
  • Marketing Asset request recommendations
  • SDR training Decks
  • 5 Sales Development Guide for SDRs

I believe in these tactics and approach and it has been highly successful for myself and others.  If you do not like it or do not find it helpful I would be happy to give you your money back. 

This is a digital ebook.  You will be prompted to download upon checkout.  By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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