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What is a Robust B2B Sales Process?

A robust and accurate sales process is critical to the success of your sales reps. However, what I have found in much of my experience in sales is that the systems that we use to track sales, mainly CRM, do not reflect how a deal actually comes into fruition.


Furthermore, I found that many Sales Leaders ALSO did not totally understand this process in detail. It was the blind leading the blind in most situations. This was because Sales Leadership or Managers had been too removed for too long from being in the trenches. These details of what happens in the trenches in a B2B sales process were critical to developing the appropriate B2B sales funnel in CRM.

 How to Develop the Appropriate B2B Sales Funnel

So what is my suggestion here? Well, get in the trenches and do some major observation regarding what is actually going on. Shadow a deal through the entire process. I recommend shadowing deals of your TOP performing reps. These days, most companies have invested in call and meeting recording software, so it makes it easy to listen to EVERY call of a deal that closed.  This is going to be your best way to deeply understand the B2B Sales Process.


This is a very important exercise for Sales Leadership that often rarely, if EVER, is done. Sales Leadership tends to invest time into many internal meetings to discuss the same subjects over and over (mainly forecasting and what revenue you will bring in). I know this pain because I was one of these managers. However, I ALWAYS carved out time to do the exercise I outlined above, if for nothing more than to reaffirm that the SaaS Sales Process I was preaching and holding my reps accountable for was still accurate.


We all know that you are short on time, however, so jump start you knowledge and ultimate success by purchasing one of my Sales Guide enablement packages out of the box. It makes it easier to lay the appropriate foundation and drive the results you are looking for in the short term.


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Sales Training in a Box

Sales Guide for Sales Reps

Written by a Sales Rep for Sales Rep. This guide is purely tactical information that you as a sales rep can implement into your selling behavior immediately to drive near term impact to your quota and achievements.

No sales theory, no complicated sales process or sales methodology, no fluff.

The Guide contains:

  • Training Content 
  • Sales Agendas For Each Stage of Sales process
  • Scripts (Pitches, Meeting Opening, 60 Sec Elevator Pitch, Meeting Closing)
  • Business Case Templates
  • Email FollowUp Templates
  • Forecast Calculator
  • and much much more!

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Sales Guide for Sales Reps
Sales Guide for Sales Reps
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