Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Formats

A sales pitch can come in many different formats. An example of a sales pitch is a presentation that includes a PowerPoint Slide Deck and technology demonstration. Sometimes it is a more abbreviated version or a mini sales pitch, like when you are at a trade show booth.

Sometimes a sales pitch happens quickly in a hallway or an elevator! That is why having a strong salesman pitch that is prepared for these different scenarios is the key to success.sales pitch, salesman pitch, example sales pitch

You don't want to fumble your Elevator Pitch

  The last thing you want to do is fumble over your words. Using concise and deliberate language is something that sales reps often do not put much attention towards. They “wing” it, hoping that their innate charisma and charm are good enough. To take your selling career to the next level, you need to be thinking about the specific language you use to configure your sales pitch.

 sales pitch, salesman pitch, example sales pitch

When to develop a Sales Pitch?

When I start at a new company or consult businesses regarding this, I like to start with a straightforward 60-second elevator pitch. I find that this simple yet powerful exercise forces everyone to get down to the meat of what is really powerful or meaningful regarding their solution.

 Want more Example Sales Pitches

In my guide, I break down the components of a successful sales pitch and talk through examples of the many formats they come in.


Think about your sales pitch as a tool in your tool belt that can be whipped out whenever needed.  

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