Sales Enablement

What is sales enablement?  

Well, it differs tremendously from one organization to the next.  In my personal experience sales enablement or sales training programs are either non-existent or very weak. 

Sales training programs are typically centered around the onboarding process of a new sales rep or sales development rep, and that is are far as it goes.  There is no ongoing sales enablement to help reps continue to develop their skill and craft.   Furthermore, the sales enablement content only captures product knowledge.sales enablement, what is sales enablement, sales enablement content

 What Sales Enablement often Neglects

It often neglects to incorporate any sales enablement around meeting control and deal control.  Sales leadership make the over assumption that if you are pursuing a career in sales you must innately know how to run a sales meeting or a deal.  That might be the case for hiring a tenured sales representative, however it is certainly not the case with hiring novice reps.  However, I will say that even in my experience, I have seen “tenured” reps have no idea the proper mechanics of running a meeting let alone a deal cycle.  

sales enablement, what is sales enablement, sales enablement content

You can do "ok" on charisma and charm, however when things get highly competitive or the market changes and companies are less likely to spend on new products and services, being charming does nothing.

 What Sales Enablement and Sales Enablement Content need to focus on for success

Sales enablement and sales enablement content need to focus on the foundations of selling.  Simple concepts around including meeting agendas and a deep understanding of a sales process and how to guide a customer in the review or evaluation of your product.


If these types of concepts are not foundational to your sales enablement program, your sales training program will probably offer no value to the sales reps and you will not see any lift to revenue. 

 Categories of Sales Enablement Programs

There are a couple of categories that I focus sales enablement programs around.  Some of these programs are direct sales training and some are on the operational side of the department.  They are both critical and will help you deliver results. 


Account Targeting Data:

·      Identify and target specific accounts

·      Identify and target specific profiles of people within those accounts

·      Buy the data to provide the team a head start in filling and cleaning your CRM


Sales Content and Collateral

·      Sales pitch deck

·      Competitive explanation collateral

·      Business Case Templates (One-pagers and Powerpoint Deck)

·      Engaging follow up content

·      Content regarding upcoming events to keep prospects engaged

·      Email Template

·      Snippets (well worded explanations of common asked questions)


Meeting and Deal Mechanic Sales Training Program

·      Meeting Control – Anatomy of a Meeting

·      Deal Control- Anatomy of a Deal

·      How to manage your day

·      Meeting Prep Checklist


Product Training

·      Product training

·      Competitive positioning


If you like these categories and are looking to get a head start and not have to build all this content from scratch, check out my Sales Strategy and Sales Onboarding in a box programs.

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