How to Close a Sale

I am often asked by novice sales reps, especially ones that graduated from a Sales Development Program, how to close a sale or deal. My answer is simple: you ask the client to purchase to your product.

How to close a sale

  How to Close a Deal? Ask for the Order.

Sometimes, reps think this is a condescending answer and I suppose it is a bit. However, the number of times I have seen deals NOT close because the sales rep NEVER asked for the purchase is astonishing.


There is nothing wrong with asking your customer to purchase your product. This is, in fact, HOW TO CLOSE A DEAL! What I see most often is sales reps beating around the bush or hoping that the customer will finally say, “I am ready to buy”.

To Close a Sale you need to be in charge of the process 

At the end of the day, the sales rep needs to remember that THEY are in charge of the Sales Process and they are the expert in helping clients evaluate their product and service. Remember, many if not most customers are first time buyers, especially in the B2B space. They do not know how to evaluate your product or service.


If they do not know how to evaluate your product or service, they will take THEIR best guess.  This could take you, as a sales rep, on a wild goose chase that may or may not get the customer the information they really need and may or may not result in a purchase.

 You are the expert, guide your customer to a closed deal

Given that the sales rep does this for a living, you are the expert here, so please start acting like it! You do this day in and day out, so your advice and guidance is not only warranted, it is needed. Tell your customer how to evaluate and purchase your product - THIS IS HOW YOU CLOSE A SALE.


Dictate the steps (your Sales Process) and gain agreement that those steps make sense and are helpful. This allows you to control/greatly influence the cadence of the deal and the outcome (a purchase).

 Use the Sales Guide to help you close more sales

To get a complete understanding of what a true Sales Process looks like, check out my Sales Guide. I provide supporting materials in the guide, including a slide that you can incorporate into your pitch deck. It maps out for your customer the steps to evaluating your solution to make an educated decision to purchase.


Gaining agreement into the process is powerful and ultimately how you close a deal.


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About Emily- The Author

I have been selling software for nearly 13 years and have been the #1 sales rep at every organization I have been apart of. I would often outsell entire sales teams of 4-5 reps in a given month or quarter. I am not some kind of sales prodigy or savant. The reason I am good at sales and was the top sales rep, was because I LEARNED how to do it. SALES IS 80% learned and 20% innate skill. Writing these guides is my way of giving back to the community and giving Sales Reps and Sales Leadership easy yet effective tools to increase revenue.

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