Follow Up Email Templates

Follow up Email Templates keep deals moving

Follow-up emails are just one way to keep deals moving. They give you a space to provide a summary for your client about what you talked about, enabling you to highlight the challenges or goals that they discussed and exactly how your product/solution solves them, all in a written format.

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The Power of using a Follow Up Email Template

When managing many deals, it is helpful to create sales follow-up email templates to make the follow-up process much faster. Email sales templates are often extremely underutilized by reps and sales management alike.

 The Sales Guide Contains powerful follow up email examples

In the Sales Guide for Sales Reps, I provide follow-up email examples and templates to make setting up these processes much easier. Using software like Outreach or other sales automation tools to save your email sales templates is a smart idea. You can quickly open Outlook or Gmail and have the email mostly written with a few areas for customization based on what you learned in your meeting or call.


When helping businesses set up their Sales Process or even when starting a new job at a new company, this is one the first “favors” I do for myself. As a sales rep, I use the last two hours of the day to think through the different meetings I had, what we discussed and its importance and plan out the next step.

 Sales Email Templates Make your life easier

I use the sales follow-up email templates to guide much of this process. It makes the activity fly by and ensures I am delivering a thoughtful and purposeful experience for the client.


Do note that follow-up email templates are not just for use after the “first” sales meeting. I see sales reps fairly diligently use them at this stage. Where things start to slip is when they get into their second, third or fourth call with their customer.

 Not using a Follow Up email template is a big mistake

As a sales rep, you need to think of yourself as the quarterback of the Sales Process or deal.  Could you imagine if Tom Brady just started “winging it” after the first quarter and not calling plays that the team had run before? Not using a follow-up email for EVERY meeting is literally leaving your customer and any staff on your side supporting the deal running blind.


It is important that you know what comes next and that THEY know what comes next. Check out the guide to gain access to follow-up email templates and examples at every stage of the Sales Process. 

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Sales Guide for Sales Reps

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