sales testimonials, how to become a good sales rep, how to be an effective sales rep

San Francisco

"The principles of Emily's sales methodology have enabled me to level up my sales skills and consistently exceed quota. Her strategy of "controlling the meeting and deal" has improved my ability to successfully navigate the interpersonal aspects of sales situations. In my first year in software sales I was in the top 10% of the company and attended Presidents Club!"

sales testimonials, how to become a good sales rep, how to be an effective sales rep

San Francisco

“Emily’s guide is an absolute knock out. Her ability to laser focus and drive a succinct, repeatable process is unmatched. Her process has grown me as a sales person to be customer focused, business results oriented and always selling top value, strategic initiatives that have high propensity to convert into happy customers.”

Sales Guide for Sales Reps

Written by a Sales Rep for Sales Rep. This guide is purely tactical information that you as a sales rep can implement into your selling behavior immediately to drive near term impact to your quota and achievements.

No sales theory, no complicated sales process or sales methodology, no fluff.

The Guide contains:

  • Training Content 
  • Sales Agendas For Each Stage of Sales process
  • Scripts (Pitches, Meeting Opening, 60 Sec Elevator Pitch, Meeting Closing)
  • Business Case Templates
  • Email FollowUp Templates
  • Forecast Calculator
  • and much much more!

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Sales Guide for Sales Reps
Sales Guide for Sales Reps

About the Author Emily

I have been selling software for nearly 13 years and have been the #1 sales rep at every organization I have been apart of. I would often outsell entire sales teams of 4-5 reps in a given month or quarter. I am not some kind of sales prodigy or savant. The reason I am good at sales and was the top sales rep, was because I LEARNED how to do it. SALES IS 80% learned and 20% innate skill. Writing these guides is my way of giving back to the community and giving Sales Reps and Sales Leadership easy yet effective tools to increase revenue.