Discovery Questions

Engaging Sales Questions are Critical, Examples Included Below

Using engaging sales questions is paramount to qualifying if a customer is a good fit for your solution and there is a strong likelihood of them making a purchase. However, there is a lot more to question-based selling. It is important to remember that your main job as a sales person is to HELP your client, not SELL your client.


Asking the appropriate discovery call questions ensures that you are getting the needed information to guarantee you can really HELP your client.

What to Consider when creating probing Sales Discovery Questions

When formulating discovery call questions, it is important to focus on three categories of challenges or goals that a client might have:


Technical Challenges/Goals

Business Challenges/Goals

Personal Challenges/Goals

Open-ended Sales Questions are best

Remember that open-ended sales questions are critical to extracting the highest amount of information from your client. Let’s look at the difference between an open-ended question versus a closed-ended question.

Look at the big difference in the amount of data we were able to get out of the customer by just asking better sales questions. So, what are some examples of sales questions to ask? My Sales Guide for Sales Reps is full of them and actually maps them back to every stage of the buying cycle.

 Last Important thing to Remember about Discovery Meeting Questions

It is important to remember that discovery call questions need to be asked and reaffirmed multiple times throughout the sales process with different stakeholders and influencers to ensure you get the appropriate picture of what is going on.

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