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Learn about Sales Discovery Calls

 Sales Discovery calls are an area of the sales process that many companies focus on. This is for good reason, given that they are gate to figuring out whether a particular deal or account is worth pursuing.

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Depending on the structure of your sales staff and the complexity of your product or service, you as a sales rep might be taking on the brunt of the sales discovery call process OR this might be something that may be conducted by a Sales Development Rep or Sales Engineer.

Many sales reps believe a discovery call is a one-time occurrence. This is a huge error. Discovery happens at many stages of the Sales Process depending on what you need to learn at that time. 

What is covered in a discovery call agenda:

  1. Confirming company and departmental goals
  2. Confirming customer reporting structure (understanding who makes decisions and who influences decisions)
  3. Confirming current challenges or needs
  4. Discussing technical requirements

Notice that much of what I mentioned was around “confirming”? Do not make the mistake of not doing proper research prior to the meeting. You want to be able to ask intelligent and educated questions regarding your customer’s business. Therefore, having an initial idea about what that customer cares about is important.

 Discovery Call Checklist and Discovery Call Scripts

Purchase my Sales Guide for Sales Reps to get a more complete list of how and where to do meeting prep as well as a discovery call checklist and discovery call script. Your checklist should be the basis for prepping many of your questions that should be asked at every stage of the Sales Process.


In the guide, I break down the Sales Process into its individual steps and provide what those questions should typically be and how that maps back to your discovery call checklist to ensure you have the right information and do no waste your customer’s time. The discovery call script helps you maintain the appropriate call structure to make the best use of time.


Being organized and detail-oriented will pay huge dividends in your ability to control the time it takes for a customer to evaluate your solution and make a purchase decision.

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