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Who created this cold call script?

Hi, I’m Emily. I have been in sales for nearly 15 years and have become the #1 rep at every organization I have worked for. I would often outsell entire sales teams of 4 or 5 reps in any given month or quarter. 

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I began my career, I didn’t have a team of sales development reps to handle my cold calls and line up sales meetings for me. 

I had to do my own cold calls to book meetings, and I hated it. 

Every time I picked up the phone I felt stressed and uncomfortable. And every time I got rejected I felt embarrassed and stupid for not knowing how others were doing it.

The “aha” moment that saved my sales career… and could easily save yours too.

After attending a training session with my long time mentor Ed Wal, I discovered a totally different way to sell.

Ed's advice inspired me to start reworking my cold calling script and it worked.

Within days, my new script was getting me more weekly sales meetings than anyone else in my office. 

Within a month, I had reached the top of the leaderboard for the first time ever, as I finally began meeting and exceeding my sales quotas. 

From that point, I never looked back. I continued to refine my script while cutting my teeth in the fierce world of cold calling.

Now I’d like to share this proven cold call script with you, for free.

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Hit every critical point during your cold call clearly and concisely and turn calls into meetings with total predictability and control.

This FREE cold call script includes:

  • The exact language that changes hearts and minds.
  • The proven structure to control your pitch and make your offer crystal clear.
  • The carefully tested process that books meetings like clockwork, even with skeptical prospects who get hammered with cold calls every day.

Why does this cold call script work so well?


It’s built around my proven elevator pitch structure that grabs attention and delivers your message powerfully and clearly.


It removes any confusion and frustration in your prospect’s mind.


It has been tested over and over again, refined and perfected for many years, and it’s different to what your prospects are used to hearing.
You're also getting step by step video training to guarantee you nail this.

This training will help you understand the principles behind this cold call script and ensure that you execute your next cold call with confidence and precision. 

Which path will you take?

You can either:

  • Continue fumbling, guessing, feeling nervous and stressed on every call.
  • Keep feeling the embarrassment of being rejected by prospects who should’ve been an “easy sale.”
  • Carry on seeking out free advice from people who couldn’t sell high ticket offers if their lives depended on it.
  • Remain hopeful that your company will invest in meaningful cold call training (they won’t.)
  • Spend the next 12 months spying on the top sales reps in your company and stuck in learning mode, instead of making successful cold calls and closing sales this week.

Or, you can invest an hour of your time tonight to...

  • Go through my simple training and print out my proven cold call script.
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All I ask is that you act now. Don’t risk another day, week or month of missing your quotas and worrying if you’ll be able to keep your job.

Download my free and proven cold calling script today and start getting the meetings and sales that you deserve! 


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