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I am Emily and I have been in Sales for nearly 15 years.  I started my sales career when I was at University selling a new green irrigation technology that saved a lot of water.  It was fun but definitely sink or swim 100% commission.  I did really well and landed some big clients, but ended up leaving that job because the installation of the projects (which I had no control over) were not going well.  I couldn’t stomach selling something that I was not confident would help the client.  This is actually the reason for leaving almost every company, I can’t sell something I do not believe in.


Quickly I changed industries and started selling in high tech software.  This is where I would say I really grew my sales chops!  I was lucky enough to be trained by a highly skilled sales person.  I knew I had a level of innate ability but I had no idea that innate ability combined with sales training would catapult my career. 


I was able to take that training and put it into practice and repetition over and over with deals of all different shapes and sizes across different types of products.  What I realized, was there was an absolute pattern and process to everything that I sold.  Yes, the value proposition would change from one product to the next but the way I constructed the value proposition was always the same.  The way I crafted the sales pitch was always the same.  The way I handled and approached objections was always the same.  The way I guided customers through an evaluation process was always the same.


Whether I was selling address verification software, an email marketing platform, SEO platform, marketing attribution technology, or work management software, the process and techniques that I refined over the years translated and always worked.  They are a timeless foundation and powerful selling skills.


Like I have stated before, I am not some kind of Sales Prodigy or Savant.  I am good at Sales because 1.  I enjoy helping people 2.  I am able to see patterns and quickly apply what works.


Unlike your typical Lone Wolf sales person, I can actually explain and show you exactly how I was driving the results.  I can explain the intention and reasoning behind each piece of language, script, template and sales step.  These are all areas that when I would volunteer to lead a Sales Training session at a company, I would see other reps start applying these techniques and their sales would pick up immediately.


It always surprised me that Sales Leadership never bothered to ask me how I was generating the success and revenue.  I was busy selling and making obscene amounts of money that it made no difference to me to sit them down to explain.


However, after years of enjoying success in sales, I also was keenly aware of the suffering I saw around me.  I would listen to reps on the phone and hear them say words that were literally shooting them in the foot.  I would see them make sales moves or plays that would cause the deal to fall apart.


These were all things that I could help them with.  With some small changes they could dramatically improve the results.  So, I did.  I had a handful of people that I lightly mentored.  After years of this and finding joy in helping other Sales Reps succeed, I figured it was time to bring this knowledge to a much larger audience.


Those who know me and have read the Ebooks and content say they can hear me teaching.  I write the books without fluff or theoretical sales nonsense.  Everything is tactical and everything has intention and is easy to apply to your behavior.


I am here to help you.  Connect with me on Linkedin, shoot me an email.  I love hearing success stories and even failures.  I love hearing what pain points Sales Reps and Sales Leadership have today and help apply my experience to solve those pains and challenges.


Being in Sales takes a lot of guts.  Getting punched in the stomach 9 times out of 10 takes a special type of human and I have deep empathy for all those who take on this career. 

Sales Guide for Sales Reps

Written by a Sales Rep for Sales Rep. This guide is purely tactical information that you as a sales rep can implement into your selling behavior immediately to drive near term impact to your quota and achievements.

No sales theory, no complicated sales process or sales methodology, no fluff.

The Guide contains:

  • Training Content 
  • Sales Agendas For Each Stage of Sales process
  • Scripts (Pitches, Meeting Opening, 60 Sec Elevator Pitch, Meeting Closing)
  • Business Case Templates
  • Email FollowUp Templates
  • Forecast Calculator
  • and much much more!

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Sales Guide for Sales Reps
Sales Guide for Sales Reps

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